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Chiropractors have unique needs when it comes to their clients. Whether they are lying on their side, back or stomach, patients need comfort at every angle to adjust the body accurately and safely. MAXIMUS only offers the highest quality chiropractic materials to keep your business booming with pleased customers. The Shiatsu table is extremely formidable with thick aluminum legs ready for any adjustment procedure. Sport tables offer the portability you need, but with the stability of a stationary model. If you need a more traditional chiropractic table, look for CLOUD line. If you are looking for the ultimate chiropractic needs, look for the Lift tables. Complement your chiropractic office with MAXIMUS quality adjustment accessories. Chiropractic accessories will help your clients feel more comfortable during each session. The Dutchman's Roll, uses a cushioned cylinder shape to support the legs or feet during a specific treatment. For side treatments, use Earthlite's sacral blocks to comfortably wedge the patient into place. The Sternal Roll offers pinpoint support for larger clientele.

Your clients will look forward to their appointment when they know they can slide into a comfortable position for an entire hour or two. With comfort comes a proper adjustment, allowing your clients to have a successful treatment each time they visit.

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