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MAXIMUS ULTRA is 1st Step Thermal & Vibration Insulation Material

Nothing beats the heat (& noise) like MAXIMUS!

If you’re building a hot rod or restoring a classic car or truck MAXIMUS sound deadening and thermal insulation material should be part of every build plan.

Everyone loves the nostalgic look on the outside but you want the current model Cool and Quiet comfort on the inside!

MAXIMUS installed lets you show off the awesome rumble of the V-8 or small block without melting your shoes or wearing ear protection!

MAXIMUS is the easiest product of its kind to install, requiring much less time and effort than competitive options!

MAXIMUS reduces thermal transfer over 70% and noise over 50%!!

MAXIMUS cuts and forms easily to the firewall, floor pan, tunnel, roof, doors and trunk!

Install the sound deadening material made in America for over a quarter of a century,


A heat shield for your car MAXIMUS reduces heat by over 70% in your hot rod:

  • Reduces firewall, floor, tunnel heat!
  • Reduces radiant heat through roof!
  • Reduces manifold, exhaust, header and engine heat!
  • Reduces road noise, vibration and exhaust noise!

Enjoy the vintage look of your ride with current model comfort with MAXIMUS as your heat shield!

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