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MAXIMUS Silencer Megabond is 2nd Step Sound & Thermal Insulating Foam

Is Road Noise drowning out your car stereo? Auto sound deadening should be your next project.

MAXIMUS makes every car stereo sound BETTER!

If you’re installing an aftermarket car stereo or just replacing a set of speakers, you need MAXIMUS.

If you want to hear your bluetooth set better or simply want to have a conversation in your car without yelling, you need MAXIMUS.

MAXIMUS auto sound deadening material reduces road noise, vibrations and rattles that prevent you from hearing all the music, your bluetooth or your GPS!

To illustrate – when you are driving on the freeway and listening to music and exit the freeway – at the end of the exit ramp – does your car stereo sound louder? When driving on highway: music; phone calls; and, conversation is drowned out by road noise!

MAXIMUS sound deadening eliminates the road noise so you hear more music and not all the noise! You can enjoy a conversation without yelling back and forth and also hear your GPS unit with the right car soundproofing!

MAXIMUS makes every car audio system sound BETTER! MAXIMUS reduces road noise, vibration & rattles, engine & exhaust noise that overpowers your car audio system! MAXIMUS sets the stage so you hear all the music! Soundproof your car or truck with #1 rated sound deadening material: reduce road noise, reduce engine noise, reduce the noise that distorts your car audio system sound with the best! MAXIMUS.

  • Super easy to install!
  • Forms to uneven surfaces without slicing up your hands!
  • Reduce Road Noise by over 50%!
  • Hear More Bass, Less Rattles & Vibrations
  • Enjoy incredible sound (7.9 dB bass gain at 100 Hz Frequency confirmed by D-Sport Magazine)
  • No prep, no cleaning, no pre-treatment required. Adhesion is GUARANTEED
  • Manufactured in the USA!
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