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Easy Catch Racquet and Contact Doctor Combo

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The Easy Catch Racquet helps beginners focus on getting into the correct position for each shot. The idea is that every forehand (or any other stroke) should have its own basic swing path. Just your movement and position relative to the ball changes for each shot. Encourage players to swing freely and test their ability to line up and catch the ball in the 6" x 8" center net while taking a FULL swing. Start slowly and then speed up to normal swing speed. As players improve, graduate to the more challenging Contact Doctor with a smaller contact net pictured below. Use with any unstrung racquet (not included). Also great for picking up balls. Holds up to 15 balls.
The Contact Doctor helps all players work on their ball striking skills by emphasizing the point of contact between the racquet face and the ball. Equally beneficial for serves, volleys, and groundstrokes. Start slowly at first; then speed up to test your skill of consistent contact in the center of the strings. When successful, the ball will be caught in the 5 1/2-inch diameter net. Use with any unstrung racquet (not included).