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Backhand Fixer Tennis Stroke Development Aid

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Too many players incorrectly hit one-handed backhand strokes with an isolated arm motion as a one-armed shot and more or less "poke" at the ball with a tense swing. Instead of using both hands in concert, they look like what some teaching pros call a "one-armed bandit" similar to the slot machines in Las Vegas. Instead, the non-racquet hand must be actively involved. For a right-handed player, the left or non-racquet hand sets the racquet in position. At this stage, whether it be for a topspin one-handed backhand, a slice backhand groundstroke, or a one-handed backhand volley, the right or dominant hand is relaxed on the grip. This is when the Velcro on the Backhand Fixer remains in place around both wrists.

Then, at the same time as the forward motion of the racquet, the dominant hand takes over, creating a quick and explosive "tug of war" with the other hand. Just before contact, the racquet hand takes over fully and the force of losing the "tug of war" sends the non-racquet hand in the opposite direction. We are displaying 3 sets of "before and after" photos, showing the set-up position (with the Backhand Fixer in place) and also the finish position (after the Velcro on the Backhand Fixer has pulled apart) for each of the 3 one-handed backhand shots: the topspin backhand groundstroke, the slice backhand groundstroke, and the one-handed backhand volley. When used correctly, the Backhand Fixer exaggerates the feel of that "tug of war" since, at the explosive point when the racquet hand wins the battle, the Velcro on the Backhand Fixer pulls apart.

The Backhand Fixer can help all levels of players. It guides beginners to "feel" the correct biomechanics right from the start. It helps intermediate players who are looking to gain a rapid feel or kinesthetic awareness of the correct swing. And it will also reinforce the right technique for advanced players. Instructions included.