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Cardio Tennis Package

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Agility and Quickness are essential to better tennis. This high-energy DVD contains nearly 50 creative drills for young and older athletes alike. 38 minutes.

Starter Package includes first three items below: SportLadder, 6 Quick Start 36 Foam Balls and one bucket of the Quick Start 60 Balls.
Flat bottom rungs minimize slipping. Includes zipper case, drill booklet, and 30-minute exercise video. (Also included in Starter Kit).
USTA approved. Softball-size and designed for 36-foot courts. Highly durable with consistent bounce and rebound height for beginners. Set of 12 in Full Package and set of 6 with Starter Kit.
Quick Start 60 Balls bounce at 60% the speed of regular tennis balls. Use for the 60-foot court format. Like all our Quick Start balls, they are tested and approved by the USTA. 36-ball bucket. (Also included in Starter Kit).
Perfect for footwork, movement, positioning, and split-step guides. Set of 6 (red, yellow and green) 15" donuts with exercise booklet.
Lines are 28" long and 3" wide. Use to guide players into correct court position, to create court boundaries, or to make target zones. Convenient for traveling coaches as well. Set of 6.
Flex Cones have 2 advantages over over ordinary cones. They are safer (collapse easily if stepped on) and are stable on windy days. 9" tall in rainbow colors. Each 6-pack comes with activity DVD.

Explosive Tennis Training DVD

The ultimate guide to tennis fitness. Guides coaches and serious players through 200 exercises ranging from plyometrics, agility and balance all the way to core training, reactions, reflexes, speed development and endurance. DVD is approximately 135 minutes long.