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Temporary 10 & Under Tennis Lines for a 36' Clay Court

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Red temporary lines specifically designed for clay courts match 
10 and Under Tennis red-level play (36' courts).

Oncourt Offcourt is a national distributor of Har-Tru accessories. Har-Tru has developed the first temporary lines specifically for clay courts. The lines can be installed by one person in about 5 to 7 minutes. Nails help secure the lines to the court. A velcro intersection allows you to install the lines without disconnecting the center strap.

  • The lines for a 36' court are red to match the red-level balls used on 36' courts.
  • Made from canvas.
  • Lines are 1" wide.
  • The system comes in 2 pieces, an outside rectangle and an inside one, and can be attached with Velcro.
  • 12 nails secure lines to the court.
  • 180' of tape, enough for one 36' court.