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Quick Start Tennis Court Line Tape

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Slip-resistant, disposable, adhesive line tape. 72' long.

Cut in half to create 36' tennis courts for 10 and Under Tennis!

Quick Start Line Tape is the best solution to creating boundary lines when precise boundaries are needed. Not available in hardware stores, this paper-backed vinyl tape has a unique residue-free acrylic adhesive. And, despite outstanding adhesive qualities, our test tape left no sticky residue on hot summer courts well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Imprinted rolls of optic yellow and slip-resistant tape are 72' long and 1.5" wide to create lines as recommended by the USTA for Quick Start & 10 and Under Tennis competition

We can custom label line tape for your special event, as was done in 2011 for the well-respected Little Mo tournament held in Dallas when they added a “Mini Mo” component and had to put down extra lines for both 36-foot and 60-foot courts.